• Video/Audio service

    We offer to work out high quality concept, plot and script as well as to produce video commercial with any complexity, which will be suitable for client’s financial circumstances.

    Our obvious advantage is our own up-to-date technical video/audio installation studio where we can create customized video and graphic commercials at lowest time with lowest cost.

    • Any type of video;
    • Animation – 2D; 3D;
    • Graphic – 2D; 3D;
    • Adaptation of foreign commercials with high quality Audio with any complexity..
    • Audio with any complexity..


    Let me introduce you our DJI Inspire 1 that gives us opportunity to capture very beautiful and interesting views with the quality of 4K.

  • TV placement/media planning

    TV advertising is the best tool for fast growing brand awareness and stimulating sales.
    In the process of media planning we use TV viewing behavior measures provided by TV MR Georgia with the special program suite Arianna developed by AGB Nielsen that is updating weekly. With Arianna we are able to calculate possible media parameters of TV placement in accordance with target audience, as well as permanently monitor marketing campaign and analyze expected and achieved media parameters.

    TV placement:

      • TV direct placement – TV commercial placement in specific TV program breaks.


      • Program sponsorship – buying sponsorship package of specific TV program is the opportunity of getting the most views of the program.

    • Product Placement

      visual integration of brand in specific appropriate programmes.




  • Digital marketing


    Digital marketing is the most fast moving advertising tool by which companies are able to connect to the increasing number of customers and contact them directly.

    Digital marketing :

    • Social media strategy;
    • Manage and analyze social nets;
    • Video/audio/visual content;
    • Create and administrate websites;
    • Search engine optimization (SEO) (SEO)







  • Design service

    Any company needs design for successful visual positioning. Our creative staff offer design service at short terms with high quality..

    Design service :

    • Branding;
    • Static design materials;
    • Business cards.




  • Print service

    Banner, souvenir, visit cards high qualitly printed are tangible visual face of company, that makes first impression about the organization and is important step of marketing strategy.

    • Banners of any size, form and material.
    • Corporate souvenirs;
    • Business cards
    • Flayers.



  • OOH

    Out-of-house advertising is one of the most successful and creative tool that is easily perceived and remembered by customers. OOH is providing many visual opportunities for interesting performance of company or product that is important challenge in advertising market.

    OOH :

    • Advertising on buses;
    • Advertising in subway;
    • Advertising on minibuses;
    • Advertising on taxis;
    • Billboards, light boxes, flags;
    • Advertising on streets and sidewalks.



  • Radio and press advertising

    Accessing to specific target audience and getting highest possible reach – these are important advantages of advertising in radio and press.

    • Radio advertising;
    • Radio topics and quizzes;
    • Advertising in newspapers and magazines.